T tap wire connectors – quick splice 22awg extension cable JWT-T1

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T tap wire connectors – quick splice 22awg extension cable JWT-T1

  • UNIFORM WIRE CONNECTORS: our solderless low voltage wire t tap connectorsare innovative clasp connection design, eliminating the trouble of stripping, hinging and welding, just insert the wire properly, push down the cover with pliers. These t pins connector compatible with 20 / 22 AWG cable.
  • SAFER BUTT CONNECTORS: No wire-stripping required. No need to peel the wire or break the wire jacket. The wire nuts saves time and greatly reduces human error. Use these wire terminals to realize the wires connected with standard and uniform operation, free of worrying the short-circuiting, and the circuit leakage caused by non-standard connecting.
  • MAKE CONNECTING WIRES EASIER: The butt connector is nice for making simple circuits without having to really do anything. just need to plug the electrical wire into wire splice, clamp the pliers, Makes splicing wires so much easier than crimps.
  • SMALLER SIZE, THE SMALLER SPACE REQUIREMENTS. The wire connectors perfect for all vehicle, audio, video, speaker, led strip lights installation and other electrical equipments.
  • PATENT DESIGN: say goodbye to slow process of stripping and twisting, easy to get perfect connection between wires


wire crimp connectors electrical t tap non-stripped are designed to make parallel connections which is very common in domestic wiring, lighting wiring, and automotive industry,etc. Conventional way we do those works are removing insulation, twisting conductor and tapping wire, which are inefficient and not safe. T shape non-stripped wire connector provide a new way which allow you to add branches to main line easily without those works. Yes, just think about at which section of main wire you want to add a branch. By this way, wiring work become well organized and convenient for maintenance in future.

Non-Stripping and Multi-Contact Wire Connectors 

The legacy wire connection methods of stripping, splicing and taping have been the predominant work process which caused much pains, injuries and fire hazards to many users.

Alightings electrical connectors are revolutionary products which eliminated the cumbersome tasks while protecting you from the risks of being exposed to electric shock. Most of all, it is so simple and easy to use that almost anyone can handle it without training, anywhere, anytime.

Why you need to avoid stripping wire?

  1. The tradition wires connection need to strip wire, entwist copper core wires, wrap the tape. This process is too tedious and time-consuming.
  2. One of the most fears is unqualified operation, which leads to the problems of quality and security in the project. Use the electrical connectors to realize the wires connected with standard and uniform operation, eliminated the short-circuiting, and the circuit leakage, to avoid the fire case.
  3. The professional electrician for labor cost is continually rising. The traditional wire connection way gets so complicated and inefficient.


  • No need to strip insulation before connection.
  • No need to twist nor tape the conductor.
  • Conductor of wire is not exposed during connection.
  • Made of flame retardant material.
  • Easy to use & time saving.
  • Dust-proof.

How to use -wire crimp connectors t tap electrical wire connectors

Put the cable wires inside the metal slots, and close the plastic cover by hand, then use a pair of pliers to carefully close them.


Perfect for all audio/video/electrical/lighting installations and electrical equipment, and like hooking up low voltage landscaping lights, or doing the auto wiring etc.


Wire Gauge : 0.35 ~0.5sqmm  (about 24- 22 AWG)

Voltage(V) : 12~36V

Current(A) :<6


Please use the indicated wire size only

Non- reusable,Non-waterproof


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