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Our partner Merrytek design and manufacture innovative microwave motion sensors, integrated sensor LED drivers and 1-10V & DALI dimmable LED drivers for lighting & electrical manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retrofit projects, professional lighting chain stores etc..

Merrytek has been continuing its focus on intelligent lighting control product development ensuring our customers have the best choice of products and competitive pricing in the lighting controls market.

Core Technologies Advantages

1. Microwave Motion Detecting Technology

Based on principle of Doppler effect and 5.8GHz microwave detection technology for motion detecting. Currently, Merrytek developed a series of motion sensors which support long detection area up to 20m, 15m mounting height and outdoor use motion sensors. Those are at the leading position in our industry.

Typical products:

20m detection range: MC606V, MC601V, MC049V & MC046S.

15m mounting height: MC054V

Outdoor motion sensor (anti-background noise): MC042S & MC042P

2. Slight Motion Detecting Technology

As only support big range movement detecting, microwave is normally used in the places people only make a brief stay, for example, corridor, stair well, warehouse and parking lot. Merrytek use high sensitive microwave module and unique programming, microwave sensors are able to detect very slight movements, i.e. typing, and can be used in office, kitchen and rest room.
Typical products: MC071S, MC034S,MLC40C-M

3. Integration of Motion Sensors, LED Drivers and RF Modules

As the pioneer of integrating technologies of sensors and LED drivers, we pride ourselves in knowing that our sensors and drivers have saved overall system costs of luminaries and have led the development of intelligent lighting control systems.
Typical products: MLC16C-PE, MLC18C-P3, MLC28C-PE, MLC28C-P, MLC12C-PD & MLC18C-PRF2

4. Identifying Artificial LED Light and Natural Light

As always, Merrytek concentrates on simple intelligent light solutions and luminarie construction. We successfully completed an in depthstudy of our patented self-adaptive LED drivers which can identify artificial light and natural light. We therefore can supply an extremely cost-effective and energy saving daylight harvesting solution for office use.
Typical products: MLC40C-PA, MLC40C-PA2

5. Flicker-free LED Dimming Technology

Replacing traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights with more efficient and longer-lasting LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) is an undeniable trend in the lighting industry. However, since SSL fixtures are directly connected to an AC power supply, (consistent with legacy lighting), there is a risk that 100-Hz or 120-Hz flicker could occur as a result of the driving AC current’s fluctuation at the supply’s output. Flicker can make people uncomfortable, causing headaches, stress and fatigue even though the human eye may not detect the flicker.

Currently, most of dimmable LED drivers have flickering issues (especially PWM types), when dimmed below 30%. Merrytek newly-developed flicker-free dimming technology can eliminate nearly all flickering and even when dimmed to 2%.
Typical products: ML10C-PV, ML25C-PV & ML50C-PV2.

Over the past few years, Our partner has designed a series of patented and unique products, including the MC054V high bay sensor with a mounting height 15m, the MC034S slight motion detection sensor and the MC034S, daylight harvesting LED driver MLC40C-PA and so on. Please read and learn more in following pages.

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