2023 Led Strip Connector Series Showdown: Which Generation is Best Suited for Your LED Project?

Introduction LED strip connectors are an indispensable component in modern lighting and decoration. They play a crucial role in connecting and conducting LED strips, essential for creating various lighting effects. This article will provide an in-depth evaluation of five generations of LED strip connectors, from simple plug-and-play to crimp connectors, to offer you a comprehensive understanding and assist you in making informed choices for your projects. Product Overview Generation One: Simple Plug-and-Play The first generation of LED strip connectors gained popularity due to their affordability. However, this affordability often came at the cost of sacrificing quality and stability. They are prone to damage and instability, potentially leading to issues with prolonged use. Generation Two: Wire-Cutting Connectors The second generation, introduced by Hippo, achieves conductivity through wire-cutting. While these connectors demand high-quality wires for effective use, they can provide reliable connections when used correctly. Nevertheless, the use of non-standard wires may result in difficulties when attempting to cut [...]

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4 Pin RGB Strip to Wire Connectors Reviews for 2020: The Ultimate Guide

4 Pin RGB Strip to Wire Connectors Reviews for 2020: The Ultimate Guide When it comes to home decoration, we usually choose RGB light strips. About the rgb strip lights on the market, they can be classified into 8mm and 10mm by width, and can be divided into non-waterproof IP20, Waterproof IP65, IP68,according to the waterproof there are 6 specifications, plus more according to the type or number of led. When we search for "rgb light strips" on Amazon, there are too many different products, and if we just "add to the cart" by looking at the pictures, it usually brings us a lot of trouble in the actual expansion. Because it is difficult to find a matching connector. At present, there is no such connectors in the market to match 8mm wide rgb light strips, so we only talk about 10mm wide rgb strip to wire connectors today, which will not involve traditional connectors, because [...]

2 Pin 8mm Strip to Wire Connectors Reviews for 2020: The Ultimate Guide

2 Pin 8mm Strip to Wire Connectors Reviews for 2020: The Ultimate Guide There are kinds of light strips and corresponding connectors on the market. Currently, the single color led strip lights are mainly 8mm/10mm wide on the market. When we search for LED strip connectors on Amazon, there are always many products. How can I find what I need among these products? This is indeed a difficult problem. Today we have listed 2 pin 8mm led strip connectors for the same product from different vendors. Although each product's rating is high or low, it certainly has something to do with each seller's ability to operate, but trust me, they are all the same product! If you need exactly the connector above, rest assured that you can choose any one. If you know how to use it, you will find the product very simple. But if you use it in mismatched light strips and wires, [...]

How to choose a led strip connector for a RGB/RGBW led light strip?

We had talked about how to choose a connector for a single color light strip on last Chapter. The three key points are: color, width, and waterproof level. Similarly, it is also according to above three points to choose the connector for double-color, RGB or RGBW strip light . Maybe you are often confused by the seller on Amazon and don’t know how to choose a 4 pin led strip connectors, 5 pin rgbw connectors, 6 pin rgb+cct connectors, and Amazon's recommendation is not matched. Below i analyzed and list some commonly used connectors to facilitate your choice. 10mm width CCT  led strip lights. You can choose below several connectors The dual color light strip is usually 10mm wide and has 3 solder joints (3Pin). Item No. Application Pros Cons Details SE-N10XB-3 CCT strip to wire DIY, solid connection High quality requirements for led strips and wires view on amazon (No listing on Amazon March 30, 2020) SE-N10BB-3 CCT [...]

How to choose led light strip connectors for a single color led light strips?

Hello! I am Jack, who owned a factory manufacturing LED light strips and led light connectors . I am always asked by people: “ My strips are 3528, 5050, warm white, RGB. What kind of connector should I choose? Many people often encounter such problems in DIY. Today we start our topic with ” how to choose led light strip connectors for a single color strip light”. How to choose the connector for RGB light strips, please click here: The first step is to distinguish the color of the light strip. You don’t have to care about if the strip light that advertised by the seller are SMD3528, 2835, 5050 ,2216, 3014,2815,5630 or not. Really no need to care about this.(I am not going to talk about the difference between the chips. I will talk about on next chapter how to choose a light strip to make sure you don’t get stuck.) You just distinguish if the strip  is [...]

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